Concept to Product Inc. New Product Development, New Product Design, Product Design Services, Product Development Engineering Service

Concept to Product, Inc. is a design contracting service that will assist you in the encompassing development of a new product design or to the enhancement of existing products. Whether you need a completed 1st Article Design, a manufacturing solution, or a Prototype, we can customize our engineering services to meet your specific requirements.

The team at CtP has the ability to develop virtually any product with our education in Metals and Plastics, Mechanical, Electronics, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. We have developed products for client companies across industries from consumer goods to aerospace to medical devices. While maintaining a focus on design manufacturability, CtP creates products that find the right balance between efficient function, optimum product cost, and expedient market introduction.

For both Businesses and Inventors, CtP alleviates the need to acquire or expand the expertise of an in-house product design team along with other various disciplines required to introduce a newly developed product. Clients choose CtP because of our capabilities and unparalleled support throughout the design and production sequence.

What CtP can do for you and your organization?

  • Establish System Requirements and Specifications for Products that are Electro-Mechanical.

  • Coordinate Electronic aspect for Function and Specifications.

  • Develop Specifications for implementing OEM outsourcing.

  • Analyze Product Packaging to meet Governmental Certification and Safety Requirements.

CtP’s mission is to enable your organization to capitalize on the power and value of our expertise. We would like the opportunity to discuss how we can assist in turning your vision or time-pressed projects into a product that is complete and ready for production.

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